BREAKING NEWS | Website in progress

It´s a dream of every organization since the are founded to get an own professional merch collection with an incredible eSport jersey.

A few weeks ago our CEO Christian "CreedChris" , whose hobby is graphic design, made an aweseome concept art of a jersey for the organization and posted it on his instagram account. Since then we worked to get the design become true so we have contacted our sponsor BERO-HOST.DE and arranged to get merch produced by XOOSE. XOOSE redesigned our concept art and also made designs for a mousepad, flag, cup, etc. so that we have a complete collection.

Now it´s finaly ready that we can announce that the collection is ready. Our first merch collection is released and we think it´s pretty damn awesome.

You can visit the shop on this website:

If you buy anything from the shop please post it on social media and link us so that we can see how many of our followers are buying some stuff ^^