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Since October 2016, Röth & Beck GbR has been offering professional hosting products with a prepaid concept under the name BERO-HOST.DE. In addition to voice servers, web space and domains, vServer and root server can be easily ordered via the shop page and easily managed via the self-developed interface. Due to the prepaid procedure, no contractual commitment is made during the ordering process, which means that no reminders are issued. Various payment options such as Klarna, Paysafecard, PayPal, credit card and bank transfer offer you a lot of transparency when charging your customer account. If you ever have problems with a product, 24/7 support via the ticket system is always available.


As a successor to, the experience in networking is bundled by all those interested in gaming. Be it coach, player, opponent or team and they have come together over a wide range of games. Gamertransfer has given us a strong partner who shares our passion for gaming and our closeness to each other.


With Mapban we have taken the first important step towards professional gaming. In 2017, a Map Veto system was introduced for Rainbow Six Siege, which did not exist yet. This system has established itself in the ESL and has established itself as our system known to this day. With this partnership we want to benefit from the professionalism and experience as well as share our passion and experience in gaming.

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51cups wird die nächste große Rainbow Six: Siege eSport Plattform, mit automatisierter Turniersoftware und engagierten Management im Background. Zukünftig wird eine große Website veröffentlicht, auf der sich jeder registrieren und 51cups weiterhin verfolgen und beiwohnen kann. Die veranstalteten Events, Turniere und Ligen werden alle auf höchstem Niveau organisierten und gecastet. Wenn du ein Teil von 51cups werden möchtest, dann schau noch heute auf dem offiziellen Discord Server vorbei und bewirb dich und gehe zusammen mit 51cups und The Creed eSports in die Zukunft

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